Dancing and Music

At Scuttlebrook we celebrate the traditional dances of England with Maypole, Country and Morris dancing taking part in the Square to entertain the crowd. The Chipping Campden Morris Dancers who perform in the square, also take a key role during the parade pulling the float carrying the May Queen and her attendants. Campden Morris Dancers have a long history stretching back over 300 years and they dance a unique style of Morris dancing which can be found no where else. Have a look at their website or Facebook page for more details

Music is also central to the days proceedings with the parade being led by the talented musicians of the Bretforton Silver Band. This year we are also pleased to announce that there will be further afternoon musical entertainment outside the Lygon Arms in the high street.

Children’s Races

The Scuttlebrook children’s races are a real highlight of the weekend. Families and friends gather in the high street outside the Lygon Arms to cheer on the participants. Children of all ages can take part in a variety of races including the “Marathon” and wheelbarrow races as well as more straightforward sprints. This year the event will take place on the day at Scuttlebrook at the usual time of 6pm to add to the days events and encourage the Scuttlebrook party atmosphere to carry on into the evening.

Fancy Dress Parade

The fancy dress parade at Scuttlebrook is a really important part of the day. People can enter on foot or on a vehicle and there are prizes which are awarded in the town square during the festivities. Scuttlebrook Wake without the fancy dress would not be the same and so members of the community and visitors alike are encouraged to get involved and take part! There is no fee, no form and no theme. See some of the pictures on the site for ideas and the programme for this year to see details of when and where you need to be to take part on June 1st 2019.

Fancy Dress Parade (leaves Littleworth at 2.30pm on the day)
Parade to form at Littleworth Estate. Classes as follows:-
A1-up to 5yrs. A2-from 5 to 7yrs. A3-from 7 to 11 yrs.
A4 – from 11 to 6yrs. A5 – over 16 yrs.
B1-up to 5.B2-from 5 to 15yrs. B3 – from 11 to l6yrs. B4 – over 16yrs.
(Anything on vehicles and horse drawn carts)
C1-up to 5yrs. C2-from 5 to 11yrs. C3-from 11 to 6yrs . C4-over 16yrs

Prizes: The Most Original Fancy Dress in Class A will receive the Nann McGrale Prize. The Joan Taylor Cup goes to the Most Original in Class B. The Best Decorated Vehicle in Class E receives the Jubilee Silver Rose Bowl, donated by Chipping Campden Women’s Institute. The Cup will be awarded to the best window entrant.

NOTE: Each contestant can enter one class only. All vehicles MUST be open to view from both sides and if not they will be disqualified. Entrance to the parade is free, prizes are awarded according to the number of entries. All prize cups are to be held for one year and can be inscribed at the winner’s expense.

A Traditional Fairground

A fairground has been part of the Wake celebrations since the late 1880s with some of the same families from this time still bringing rides to Campden in the 21st century. The fair is an integral part of the day’s celebration and includes a variety of different rides and stalls. The fairground is set up at the Leasbourne end of the high street and is open throughout the day and into the evening of Scuttlebrook.

The Fair at Scuttlebrook is one of the last one day fairs taking place in the country and our aspiration is to make it the best it can possible be.

Window Competition

The Window competition is  a display competition that takes place during the day at Scuttlebrook. Shops, businesses and private homes on the parade route along the high street are all able to take part. Each year there is a different theme and there are prizes for different categories. We want to encourage everyone on the route from Littleworth to Leasbourne to take part and even decorate your homes or businesses to make the day even more of a spectacle.

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