November Bulletin Update

Oct 26, 2021

Scuttlebrook Update

Initial planning for Scuttlebrook Wake 2022 is well underway and here are a few updates for your November bulletin:

Fundraising and sponsorship

We are always looking at ways to generate funds to help us run and develop Scuttlebrook. The inclusion of a live music event in recent years has also added to our costs and we are really keen to find ways to fund this new addition to the traditional event. Our usual income of collections on the day and fairground rent have not been possible in the last 2 years for obvious reasons and so we are looking at new ways to fundraise and build a more secure financial footing for future years.

In the next few months, we will share through the bulletin some of the ways we are planning to raise money and also let you know how you can donate to Scuttlebrook to help keep this unique Campden tradition alive and well!

The Rissington Cup

Stalwart supporters of Scuttlebrook will know we give out a range of prizes and cups on the day for the fancy dress, floats and window competitions. This includes the Rissington cup which has been awarded since 1990 for the best decorated window in a private home. We had run out of space on the existing plinth, but David Hart has made us a new one with a silver band which will make space for new winners over the next 30 years or so. Many thanks to Dave Lewis of the Red Lion for sponsoring the costs of doing this.

The Scuttlebrook Cart

Work is now well underway on stage 2 of the cart refurb. The base of the cart was improved ready for CamFest and now a team led by Nick Holt has begun to plan and construct the new top and crown so we can be ready for 2022. Many thanks to Nick for all his hard work on this, and also thanks to Hartwell and Co for donating all of the timber and wood preservative for the job. Many thanks must also go to Ian and Alex Jones of Longlands farm for allowing us to keep the cart and all of our equipment in one of their barns.

Queen’s party

Our party to select the Scuttlebrook Queen and attendants for the 2022 event will be held in February with details to follow in the next edition of the bulletin. All those wishing to enter must live within 1.5 miles of the town hall. Entries for Queen need to be aged 11-17 and will be asked to give a poetry reading on the night to the judges. Attendants need to be aged 6-10 and will be selected by having their name drawn from a hat.

That’s it from me. There won’t be any Scuttlebrook update in December but we will be back with further news and information in January. For now, remember it is never too early to start planning your fancy dress entry or float for June 4th 2022!