Programme of events for Scuttlebrook Wake 2021

May 7, 2021

Scuttlebrook Wake, June 5th, 2021

Below is our programme of events to help mark and celebrate Scuttlebrook Wake in 2021. Although we cannot do everything we would like to, at least we can keep some of the spirit of the festivities alive. Please take part in as much as you can.

The Window Competition

The theme this year is: “Dover’s Games and Scuttlebrook Wake.

You could focus on one event, both or a particular aspect of either: the history, fancy dress, crowning of the Queen, torchlight parade, Morris Dancing, shin kicking, the fairground…there are lots of options to choose from! The categories for the competition are as follows:

Category A: Private home-Children under 14yrs

Category B: Private home-Adult

Category C: Business premises

Judging will takes place between 09:30-11:30 on Sat June 5th and the traditional cups and prizes will be awarded again this year. Only those homes or businesses on the traditional parade route will be judged, but if anybody else in the community would like to join in, please do and share a photo on our Facebook page! Please help show off Campden’s fantastic community spirit and give the town a reason to smile in 2021.

Children’s Scuttlebrook treasure hunt

This year we are running a children’s treasure hunt around the town on the day, Saturday 5th June. This will run all day and the clue sheet will be available to collect from the Tourist Information Centre or downloaded from our website or Facebook page.

All entries with correct answers will be entered into a prize draw with results announced at the end of the day and prizes available for collection on Sunday 6th from the TIC. Although aimed at children, big kids are welcome too!

Online photo exhibition

Thanks to the hard work of one of our committee members, Kate Cotton, we now have a digital album of photos of Scuttlebrook Wake going back to the 1930s. These include photos of every Queen and their attendants going back to this time. As part of our celebrations this year, this album will be made available from the week before Scuttlebrook, on Saturday May 29th. The link will be on our website (see below) and also on our Facebook page for people to share and comment on.

We are looking at ideas for when and how we will crown our new Scuttlebrook Queen-elect, Lauren Hall, and when we have confirmed details these will be published in the next edition and online.

Calling all cup and prize winners from 2019

If you have still got a cup or shield from the 2019 Wake, then please can you return these ASAP to the Tourist Information Centre in Campden.

The Scuttlebrook Wake Committee