Scuttlebrook Wake Needs Your Help

Sep 19, 2023

Scuttlebrook Wake Needs Your Help

We’ve had lots of positive feedback about Scuttlebrook & Scuttlefest this year and we have already begun the process of planning for 2024. It was wonderful to see the Campden community spirit thriving on the day, & we’re determined to keep this annual town event alive and well.

We’re grateful to Gloucestershire County Council & Chipping Campden Town Council for providing grants over the past two years along with the financial backing of our sponsors & public donations on the day.

Unfortunately, as the cost of living continues to rise, so do our costs. In addition, our on the day bucket donations are diminishing, & we have a shortfall of £2000 to make up in order to run the event successfully in 2024. Without further funding, Scuttlebrook cannot continue as the fantastic Campden tradition it is, let alone continue to grow & improve as it has done in recent years.

Help Scuttlebrook continue as a Free Community Event

Could you please help us in any of these three ways?

1) Consider becoming one of our sponsors for the 2024 event & contact our Treasurer, Scott Gill at to find out more.

2) Donate what you can towards Scuttlebrook Wake via our website below.

3) Join us at future fundraising events, including the Queen’s party on February 2nd 2024 in the town hall.

Any help and support you can give towards the future success and continuation of this fine old Campden tradition would be gratefully received.

Donate At:

Thank you for your support

The Scuttlebrook Wake Committee