Scuttlefest 2024

Apr 4, 2024


This year we once again have several great live music acts for June 1st as part of the Scuttlebrook Wake celebrations. We are pleased to announce this year’s line up as:

Boe Jigge, Amber Liadan, WLDFLWRS and Greg Brice

Listening to the live music, with a glass of something cold from the Lygon Arms, is surely one of the best way’s to enjoy Scuttlebrook. Especially with the fairground next door for the children (and big kids) to enjoy too!

The live music performed each year at Scuttlefest is of course not free to put on, but is free to watch and enjoy. We therefore rely heavily on donations and sponsorship to make this part of the day possible. If you would like to sponsor Scuttlebrook Wake, then please contact our Vice Chairman, Scott Gill, at to find out more.

Or, if you would like to donate towards Scuttlebrook, please visit our homepage and follow the link. Thank you for your support.