Virtual Scuttlebrook and Dovers for 2020!

May 11, 2020

Scuttlebrook and Dovers 2020…with a difference

Although we are in lockdown and not able to celebrate Scuttlebrook and Dovers as usual, we think there is an appetite out in the community to do something to keep the spirit of those events alive.

So along with our friends in the Dover’s Games Society we are planning to put on some events and competitions virtually and encourage you all to celebrate being part of this fantastic community from your own homes. A more detailed programme for the virtual events taking place over the weekend of 29th-30th May will soon be published.

We want to encourage you to take part by doing any or all of the following:

  • enter the virtual Scuttlebrook Fancy Dress competition;
  • join the virtual window competition;
  • decorate your home with bunting, flags or any other ideas;
  • send us your old photos of Scuttlebrook Wake and Dover’s Games;
  • hold a Scuttlebrook/Dovers party in your own homes and front gardens.
  • Join the Campden quiz on the Friday night
  • Watch the live music online on the Saturday night
  • Buy a torch and light it at home to keep the spirit of Dover’s games alight this year!

Details of the competitions can be found on our Facebook page and more information about how these events will work on the day will be published soon. So start planning those fancy dress and window entries and please spread the word to members of the community not on Facebook.

Let’s show yet again what a great community this is!

Paddy Sexton

Chairman, Scuttlebrook Wake Committee